Saturday, January 30, 2010

The French vs. the British vs. the G-spot

An article in The Washington Post reports that British researchers conclude that the G-spot does not exist. (Or, if it does, it is "completely subjective." This is a term one uses with people who believe in, say, unicorns or gay Republicans, rather than saying "it's all in your head.")

In response, approximately 1,000 French gynecologists assert that the English need to "keep looking." This is more impressive than it sounds, because the French gynecologists were apparently at a convention about the G-spot. If they concluded that the G-spot didn't exist, they might want their convention fees back.

My guess is that the G-spot exists on the continent, but suddenly disappears when you enter Great Britain. But feel free to prove me wrong.


  1. Dione's Husband, Owen here, a true blue Brit. Speaking as someone who has travelled quite a lot on the European COntinent, I feel reasonably well qualified to speak on this subject. Quite frankly the French dont have a great deal going for them, lets face it they're greatest ever naval victory was the sinking of the 'Rainbow Warrior'. They all smell of garlic and theyre beer tastes like p**s. IF, a French Gynaecologist, who, lets face it has spent years at university and medical school, needs to go to a convention to find the 'G' spot there is something seriously missing in his marital relationship, and his education. I mean come on, he has spent years looking at, touching and feeling around inside womens genitals and they still cant find it! Your average brit has usually managed to find it by time he graduates from school. Okay, maybe the majority cant be bothered once they know where it is, but we Do know of its existnce. My beautiful wife Dione can tell you in no uncertain terms that this brit at least knows all about the mysteries of the G spot!

  2. Hear, hear! Spoken like a true Brit! And I agree about French beer, although with all the great Belgian beers to import, they don't NEED to produce beer.

    Come to think of it, I'd trade my knowledge of the G-spot for an unlimited supply of Liefman's Goudenband Flemish Brown. But that's just me.

    Anyone care to defend the French?