Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why I Write in Starbucks

I'm writing in a Starbucks today. Yesterday I wrote in a Panera Bread Company. I haven't worked in a library in over a week.

Why? The truth: it's not the coffee, it's not the food.

It's the bathrooms.

I often work in public libraries. In fact, I prefer it: they're a lot quieter than commercial establishments, and they have books for research.

But, when I work in a library, the bathrooms are usually far away. At my favorite library, the distance from the work tables to the bathrooms has to be the equivalent of a full city block! So, when I go to the bathroom in the library, I leave my laptop unattended for a much longer time.

This battered MacBook of mine would cost about $1,200 to replace. I get nervous leaving it unattended for any span of time.

At the Starbucks where I'm at, the bathroom is just five steps away. I'm in and out of the bathroom so fast, the screen saver doesn't have time to come up! (Yes, I wash my hands.)

When my business writing partner is back in town, I'll be back at a library. She can't work in commercial spaces, with their distractions and piped-in music. But until then, I'll be at a Starbucks or Panera.

Another coffee, please!


  1. $11.26 for a coffee? I must have had a coupon!

    (Did you see that Starbucks is charging $1 for a single banana now? When the convenience store charges 49 cents a banana...and the supermarket charges 69 cents for a POUND of bananas!)

    But I figure I'm paying for a table, free wi-fi, and electricity...not overpriced coffee. So I'm OK with it.