Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Reason I Prefer Writing at Starbucks

I'm working in a library today. My editor just phoned me with some questions, and I got shushed by a librarian. This is another reason to prefer writing at Starbucks: no one there cares if you take phone calls.

And the coffee is a lot better at Starbucks than the vending-machine coffee at the library. I don't care if the library coffee is three times cheaper!


  1. 1) You should have told the librarian to shut up. ;)

    2) A coffee vending machine at the library? Do they allow you to have the coffee near the library materials?

  2. It depends upon the library. This is a tax-supported public library, and they have to keep the public happy. So they have vending machines for snacks, soda and coffee.

    Later this week I'll be doing research at a private library. Not only do they prohibit any food or drink, but you can only write with pencils, so there's no chance you can accidentally ink up a historic document!