Thursday, January 14, 2016

Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction from Jorgen Flood

Today I interview Jorgen Flood, author of several works of historical fiction and non-fiction, all of which are associated with his native Norway.  Jorgen and I are members of the Brandywine Valley Writers Group (in the Philadelphia suburbs).
Congratulations on your books, Jorgen!  Although all of your work is related in one way or another to Norway, these books are all written in English, correct?
Yes, pretty much. All of my fiction books. However, one of the non-fiction books was published in Norwegian.

You self-published these books.  What was your greatest challenge in the self-publishing process?
I actually started out with a publisher for my first book, but felt I had no control over distribution or pricing. I am sure the level of support from the publisher is different if you have a best seller, but for me the self publishing route was the best. I have not regretted it, and ended buying back the rights to my own book (for a modest amount) Marketing is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for self publishers, since companies like Amazon and Smashwords (an e-book company) handle the distribution very well.  

How many books have you published?  Which was your most popular book?
I have published three works of historical fiction, and five non fiction books. Two of the historical fiction books are from the Viking age, while the last, Steel Armageddon, consists of five war stories covering the Second World War, the Korean War, and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Steel Armageddon is without any comparison my best seller. It outsells the other seven books combined.

I understand that your latest books collect articles you wrote.  Correct?  Where did they originally appear?

That is correct. The last three books are short historical stories regarding Norway. Most of the articles were originally published in "The Slooper," an online and paper magazine for the local lodge of Sons of Norway.  The book versions are expanded, both with regards to text and pictures.


Very good.  What's next?
I have started the third and final book from the Viking age, but at the moment the progress is not as fast I would have liked.

Let’s finish up with a process question: how to you write?  Do you do it in the same time and place every day?
No, though mostly at home and in the evenings. I have on occasion rented a room in the Poconos for a couple of days when I want to get something finished without interruptions.
Well, then I'll let you get back to work!  I look forward to your next book, and thanks for your time, Jorgen.
Jorgen Flood's books can be purchased from Amazon or Smashwords. His website is at

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  1. I've read a couple of Jorgens books and a number of articles. Amazing the thorough research he does on his projects.