Monday, August 6, 2012

I Ain't Dead Yet

I've been absurdly busy the past few months, which has caused me to neglect my blog.  (As I'm sure both my followers have noticed.)  But that project is done, and I'm back now.

Yet, while I was otherwise engaged, it seems that blogging is no longer de rigueur for writers. I was catching up on Elif Batuman's blog, only to find that she's suspended her blogging!  She blames this on a note in the New York Times Book Review, which says that Twitter has rendered blogging obsolete.

Well, none of my work has ever been mentioned in the New York Times Book Review.*  Until it is, I don't feel obliged to obey its ukase.  I'll be soon as I have something interesting to report.

* However, a business book I co-wrote has been referenced in the Business section of the New York Times.  So I'm working my way towards the Book Review.  I anticipate appearing in the Real Estate section any day now.

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